Regional & Local Development Plans

We provide a full scale, 360o systematic approach to the needs of Public and Local Authority Organisations. Fields covered are local and regional planning and execution. We dedicate our consulting and studying efforts in meeting the ends of Organisational aims with actual financial resources. In the complicated environment of EU funding this is a crucial contribution.In more detail, we assist our clients of the Public sector in ways as:

• Rapid response in analyzing specific problems, followed by documented expression of opinion to facilitate decision making.
• Consulting by ad hoc delivery of advice and alternatives in the form of memorandums and documented opinions Conducting of Studies based on deep detailed examination of relevant specifications and standards.
• Evaluation of existing information, including field surveys as well as secondary research and analysis
• Adapting the collaboration process in a long run continuous and systematic consulting process.

Our services include :

• Support on Strategic Planning and Plan design at National, Regional, Local and Sectoral level.
• Technical support of Public Organisations and Services for the management and the execution of plans and projects.
• Specialised research, studies and analyses to support the implementation of development plans at Regional, National and Local Levels.
• Deep specialization on Community Led Local
• Development Initiatives (CLLD)

Supporting Entrepreneurship

A wide scale of services are available to private and public ventures based on our:

• Specialized Know-How
• Long experience
• Deep Business and Sectorial Intuition
• Flexible and adaptable tools
• Professional skills

Services include:

• Preparation of Business Plans
• Design and execution of operational research studies
• Business analysis and Enterprise Resource Optimization
• Design implementation and maintenance/upgrades of:
• Quality Assurance systems
• Food safety systems
• Agricultural Production Conformity systems
• Environmental Conformity Systems
• Social Responsibilty systems

Information Systems

This is our newest field of involvement, following the needs of our customers. The “noise” of that tremendous volume of information around the agro-alimentary sector, asks for:

• Filtering
• Classification
• Evaluation
• Choosing the “relevant”
• Leverage

By focusing on the “relevant” information we assist our clients to clarify the “fog” of the cyberspace and clear their view of important details.
Having the informational environment clarified, we support our clients with a systematic flow of important information for them and their members\beneficiaries, in fields such as:

• Technology and Technics for the production and process of agri-food products.
• Establishment, Organisation and Management of Farms and Processing facilities.
• Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.
• Developments, Opportunities and Obligations of CAP.
• Structure and function of the agro-food markets.

The scope, range of themes and repetition of information is discussed and decided together with our clients. Only then a standardized set of information is collected, analyzed and adapted prior to becoming available to the public. Such an effort results to an organized system of exploiting information in the long run to the benefit of our clients.

Το έργο μας

Coops & Farmers’ groups and organisations

The long tradition of cooperative movement points out to a tri-pointed success star made of collective activity, consolidation of strength and growth for all!Simbiosis has committed relentless efforts towards attracting and motivating farmers toestablish or join, existing collective forms of doing business in the agrifood sector.
Among our success stories we count:

• The integrated counseling and consultation services to more than 15 entities of both the Cooperative and Private sectors, towards organization and recognition as “Farmers’ Organisations “ in the context of recent developments in the relevant EU legislation. This resulted to those organisations securing finance of their projects and business plans under extremely favorable terms by EU Funds.
• Apart from direct services to collective schemes, SIMBIOSIS also developed and runs the informational portal which addresses all possible details of formalities in the path of organization and registration of such schemes. At the same portal a series of success stories are presented in order to motivate other potential groups.
• In the same context, SIMBIOSIS has recently participated in more than twenty public activities (conferences, seminars, exhibitions, interviews in the media) regarding the benefits of such schemes and the path to form, organize and register them officially.

Our deep specialization: Organisations of Olive-Oil producers

For several years, namely from 2009, we proudly serve Olive oil producers’ organisations to develop, finance and implement projects for quality improvemnt of their products and procedures. This intervention has been implemented in three successive steps of 3year plans, each one building upon the positive impact of the previous. Success has brought us more organisations and more friends in the sector.The previous cycle ended in 2018 and included collaboration of SIMBIOSIS with 10 organisations, at a budget more than 7 M € out of which the 98% of funds available were smoothly exploited for the scope of projects.
Anew cycle for 2018-2021 has already started.
Some of the activities of those projects are:

• More than 40 actions for introducing, procuring and allocating innovative equipment to farmers,
• new industrial equipment
◦ for milling olives,
◦ processing olive oil
◦ bottling and packaging olive oil
• Involvemet (and employment in great extend) of more than 150 ventors, external advisors, experts etc.
• Fulfillment of all relevant formalities and successful support of the activities against formal controls by both National & EU Authorities (more than 100 physical sessions with controllers)

Finance and Subsidies for Agrialimentary Business Plans

The Agrifood sector always attracted the interest of investors. Though, the involvement of the producers and small processors in direct investing is seriously limited due to their lack of capital readily available. The historical response of states to this situation traditionally comes in the form of direct subsidies. In the case of Greece this subsidizing of investments is available as some percentage of the proposed budget, in the context of the regulations of EU funds.SIMBIOSIS actively assists farmers, their coops as well as processing industries throughout the cycle from feasibility study, to the business plan and its implementation till the claim for the subsidies and the fulfillment of relevant formalities.During this cycle SIMBIOSIS offers concrete consulting based upon its long experience. Keeping in mind that such a cycle may last from three to five years, the reliability of SIMBIOSIS’ assistance has been highly appreciated and acknowledged.
Our methodology includes:

• A standardized system of transferring latest information on available financial schemes, readily available to interested parties.
• A constant stream of information regarding the edge of technology for the sector.
• Ongoing information on financial and administrative changes.
• A standing team of experts in house and networked alike, as a resource of knowledge, experience and solutions.
As a result Simbiosis has implemented numerous investment plans at a range of € 100.000,00 up to € 5.000.000,00.

Regional Development and Locally Led Development Actions

SIMBIOSIS is well known (and well acknowledged) as Providing Regional Authorities with

• An integrated, hands on, realistic as well as visionary approach to regional & local development
• As delivering always more and over the contracted obligations

A short account of successful implementations during the recent past and ongoing projects, include:

-The role of technical advisor to the Region of Central Greece for the development of the “Regional Farming Plan” -time horizon 2020.
-Acting as technical advisor as well as facilitator and animator, SIMBIOSIS implemented a cycle of organizational and communicative activities culminating with the foundation of the “Agroalimentary Partnership” of the Region of Central Greece. The Partnership, under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Region, consolidates efforts of local initiatives for the mutual and combined development of both the agrofood and the tourist sector.
-SIMBIOSIS implemented a major contracted task to support the Development Agency of the Isle of Evia (Located in Central Greece and second in surface of the Greek Islands after Crete). Task referred to the full reorientation and developing of a brand new Development Strategy for the Island based on LLDA (Leader Initiatives).

Management of Information

SIMBIOSIS deliberately invests on tools and processes for the functional exploitation of information resources. Our aim is to make available targeted, accurate and reliable information to interested parties. Timely and reliable information is greatly appreciated and demanded by acting parties in the Agricultural Sector.In such a context, SIMBIOSIS runs relevant Data Bases and specific reports on demand.

We also run two concept and thematic portals:

• The local agro-informational hub for the municipality of Lamia, a prototype for local agricultural news
• The national portal for Farmers Organisations

Although they operate for a short period po time, assessment of their impact is quite successful.

Quality Assurance and Food Safety

SIMBIOSIS is actively involved in matters of Quality Assurance Compliance Protected Designation of Origin(PDO)Geographical Indication of Products (PGI)In this context, SIMBIOSIS has implemented several relevant projects and is still involved in ongoing ones. Some of them are:

• The preparation and support of the recognition dossier for “Chios Mandarins” as product of Geographical Indication
• Participating in formal work groups under the auspices of Greek authorities for the clarification and specification of national standards for :
◦ Integrated Management of Citrus fruit
◦ Production of beef-meat of high quality
• Support of emblematic SMEs of the sector for conforming with ISO and other standards
• On the job training programs on food quality & safety standards addressing the needs of employers and employees of Agroalimentary SMEs

Contact us

Simbiosis is a long established, boutique consulting company (bureau) specializing in the Agrifood sector. It possesses state of the art experience and knowledge of the General Environment and the Business Context of performing Agri-food Business. It has a highly efficient and effective network organization, designed to be lean, simple and agile.We support Companies, Organisations, Administrations, Authorities, Cooperatives, and other Entities. Simbiosis provides them with services and systems dedicated to facilitate and strategically affect the decision making and implementing processes of such entities.
Our decades long practice and experience in the Greek and EU Agrifood sector comes along with fresh ideas, young personnel, well-educated and trained scientists.

Our partners contribute deep academic knowledge, as well as hands on experience in the sector. A series of successful major projects during the last 20 and more years prove the quality level of its services.

As a general practice, Simbiosis designs, proposes and delivers solutions only after deeply analyzing the organisational profile of the client and its realistic needs regarding the matters risen. Simbiosis, deliberately and aggressively aims to always deliver more than it is formally committed to, on the base of business contracts and agreements.This deliberate offer to clients establishes relations of trust, mutual understanding and efficient collaboration. In the long run it proved to be a major competitive advantage for Simbiosis.Adding to the concrete record of Knowledge, Expertise and Experience a rich palette of technical, creative and communicational business skills we are able to work along with you and for you, considering your success as our own.

Simbiosis – Acharnon 340 Athens – 2111167613


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